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What comes with a GoGo Party Bus? GoGo Party buses are equipped with a media and audio center which includes; DVD, CD, iPod, mp3 and karaoke players.

What can I do in a GoGo Party Bus? You can utilize all equipment, party, dance and ride around town. Illegal activities and smoking on the bus are prohibited.

Can I bring my own drinks? Alcoholic drinks are allowed on the buses; however, everyone on the bus must be the legal age of 21.

Is food allowed in a GoGo Party Bus? Prior permission is required before bringing food on the bus.

Where does a GoGo Party Bus go? The buses travel around Metro Atlanta which include pickups and drop-offs. Normal travel is a 25 mile radius from the City of Atlanta but, we are willing to travel outside based on availability. Please call us for more details, as there may be an additional fuel charge

Can I bring my own music/ can I hook up my iPod to your system? Yes, you can. We encourage you to bring your own DVD, CD, and iPod for your entertainment.

Can I bring decorations? Yes, we allow you to bring streamers, balloons etc. on the bus

How do I handle gratuity? We recommend 18% gratuity and to be paid prior to services; however, at this time we do not require gratuity payment upfront. You may pay the driver gratuity at time of service?

What happens if the event goes longer than planned? Inform the driver immediately if the event goes longer than planned we will bill you accordingly

Does the party bus have any promotional deals with clubs? We are currently building relationships with clubs and lounges in Atlanta for VIP, premium entrance, etc. for our GoGo Party Bus riders, if you have a special club request we will reach out to the venue and will work hard to accommodate your request.